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Sewer Sump Pump Inspection Program
(To view a pdf of the Sump Pump Inspection Program Brochure go to the "Forms" tab)

What is the Problem:
Wastewater from homes and businesses in the Town of Sheboygan is collected in 42 miles of sewerage system operated by the Town of Sheboygan Sanitary District No. 2 (Sewer) and treated by the City of Sheboygan Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Our sewer system is aging, requiring more maintenance repairs.  The goal of Sanitary District No. 2 (Sewer) is to continue operations and maintenance without having to increase sewer rates, but we need your help to minimize clearwater inflow that drives up treatment costs.
During heavy rains the clearwater inflow to the sewer system can more than double normal flows.  In some events clearwater inflow has resulted in over two million gallons per day which exceeds the system capacity.  The cost to treat this additional clearwater sewage is very high. A major source of this inflow is illegal sump pump connections that puts excessive strain on the collection system and adds costs.

What You Can Do!
When properly installed, sump pumps remove clearwater from around your building and discharge away from the building.  It is illegal to connect sump pumps to floor drains or sewers.  To minimize water collected in your sump pump you can do the following:

*Be sure grading around the house directs storm water away from the dwelling.
*Extend downspouts well away from the building.
*DO NOT connect downspouts to the sanitary sewer lateral.
*It is illegal to connect sump pumps to floor or sewer connections.
*Keep culverts and drainage ditches on your property clear, it is your responsibility.  Water from neighboring properties must flow unimpeded across your property.

By reducing these unnecessary costs, Sanitary District No. 2 (Sewer) can hope to maintain its level of service and avoid the necessity to increase sewer rates to all property owners.

Thank You.

The Town of Sheboygan Sanitary District No. 2 Sewer Commission and DPW Department

NOTE:There is no parking on either side of No. 61st Street from Superior Avenue to a point that is 75 feet north and then no parking shall be permitted on the west side of No. 61st Street.
Roadside Cutting of Tree Branches
This is the time of year that the Town Utility Crew will be cutting back trees and shrubs that have grown into the road right-of way.  Please drive safely if you see our crew in your area.
Please take the time to visit the link below and learn about "non-flushables" and your sanitary sewer system.

Annual Spring Flushing of Hydrants & Mains
This is the time of year that the Town Utility Crew will be flushing fire hydrants and water mains.  This is required maintenance to the system.  You may notice a discoloration in your water when flushing is being done in your area.  The water is SAFE!  However, to clear the discoloration, which is usually brown or rust in color, run your faucet until water is clear.  If the problem persists, please call the Town Hall at 920-451-2320.

Thank You and Have a Great Spring Season!